Sagamore Yacht Club

Overlooking one of the most beautiful and historic harbors on Long Island Sound, Sagamore Yacht Club is a traditional, family-oriented private yacht club offering a wide variety of activities throughout the year. Club members and their guests enjoy waterfront dining and many other activities that include regattas, fishing tournaments, Skeet shooting, and numerous social events year round.

SYC maintains a complete waterfront facility that includes temporary tie-up facilities, guest moorings, and launch service. Our attractive Clubhouse offers sweeping views of Oyster Bay Harbor and includes 2 bars, meeting and entertainment areas, 2 fireplaces, and a second floor lounge and connecting deck.

What makes Sagamore distinctive, however, is the comfortable, family-friendly atmosphere and broad range of interests and activities that its members share with each other. Our membership includes boaters and non-boaters, and many are very active in creating and running events such as informal Family Nights, Barbeques, Special “Themed” Dinners, Raft-Ups, Clam Bakes, a Race Program, Adult and Junior Fishing Derbies, Winter Skeet Program, Virgin Island Flotillas, and more.

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Club History

Sagamore Yacht Club was founded in 1944. Back in the 1930’s and 1940’s, the Roosevelt Memorial Park (and marina), owned and maintained by the Roosevelt Memorial Association, was turned over to the Town of Oyster Bay. At the time, a few large boats occupied the marina. The “Maid”, wDSC_0859hich was owned by the Club’s first Commodore (C. Russel Haff), the tender for George Roosevelt’s schooner the “Mistress”, another boat owned by Harry Von Zell (a famous TV personality), and a 52′ schooner owned by Robert Todd of Syosset. All of these boats were commissioned by the government during World War II. It was just about at this time that a few boatmen got together at the dockmaster’s shack (Captain Young a retired tug boat captain). The “Clubhouse”, located at about the site of the now defunct Jakobson’s Shipyard (now the Waterfront Center), was housed in a beached concrete hulled ex-Navy submarine tender, which was eventually re-floated and towed to Freeport where it became the Freeport Yacht Club. At this gathering, invitations were mailed to about 25 friends and acquaintances. They were asked to attend a meeting for the purpose of starting or acquiring a yacht club. Much to everyone’s surprise 20 people showed up, many of whom are listed as the Club’s charter members. It was decided at this gathering to contact Town Councilman Elmer Brooks to ask if it were possible to have the marina and a small building for the “Club”. It was agreed that the Club would operate the marina and that an attendant would provide gas, oil, ice, snacks and landing privileges to the general yachting public. The Town Board agreed to lease the property to the club for the amount of $500.00 per year. The Club’s name, Sagamore, was chosen in honor of Teddy Roosevelt, whose summer residence is located on Sagamore Hill in Oyster Bay Cove. The Club’s burgee, designed by Schell Lewis, was adopted thereafter –a triangular flag with a blue background; red stripe bisecting the blue and a white five point star with its uppermost point straight up.During the post-war year, the club grew rapidly and with it the demand for additional dock space. By far the most famous vessel to land at our facilities was the largest individually owned yacht in the world, “Sea Cloud”. Sea Cloud, ostd_Sea cloudwned by Joseph E. Davies (the ambassador to the Soviet Union during World War II), was a 300 plus foot bark with masts so tall that it could not clear the bridges in the East River. In early 2007, Sagamore Yacht Club completed major renovations to its first and second levels. The clubhouse expanded its second level to include a full service bar, kids room, expanded restrooms, panoramic windows, large outdoor deck, and lounge area equipped with a sweeping mantle and fireplace. We gave our dining room a much needed facelift, and expanded the first level bar area with large panoramic windows. The kitchen received much needed equipment and working space upgrades, as well as the donation of a brand new dockhouse from the Overton family.

Original Article Published by Bud Rappun (Former Club Historian)
Edited for the Web by the Sagamore Board of Trustees.